USA World Cup Heroes To Receive Ticker-Tape Parade in NYC



The USA women’s team which defeated Japan 5-2 in Vancouver on Sunday will ride an open-topped bus down a stretch of Broadway commonly known as the Canyon of Heroes.

The match between USA and Japan was the most-watched football match in US history.

The athletes received a rare honour from New York that usually does not take place.

Japan conceded the defeat against US with a 13-minute hat-trick by Carli Lloyd early in the match.  The match was watched on an average by 25.4 million viewers, peaking at 30.4 million.  President Barack Obama cheered the team’s success along with others.  This is the third time the USA women’s team had won the World Cup title.

The NYC had earlier honoured a team of national athletes in 1984 after the Los Angeles Olympics.

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