USCG Receives Three New Applications for BWMS Type Approval


The USCG list of BWMS under-going type-approval has increased with the arrival of three new entrants, reports Riviera Maritime Media.

The update to USGC list

According to the US Coast Guard website, three ballast water management systems (BWMS) were added to the list of those seeking type-approval, and another two BWMS have applied for amendments.

Amendment request

US-based De Nora 

US-based De Nora applied in April 2019 for an amendment for its Balpure system, which had been originally been granted USCG type-approval in December 2018. 

BIO-UV Group 

Similarly, in July 2019, BIO-UV Group applied for an amendment to its USCG type-approval certificate for its BIO-SEA B system. 

The BIO-UV Group system was type-approved in June 2018. The reason for the amendments was not specified but they are required if there is change of pump manufacturer or another significant detail in the BWMS.

New entrants for USGC type-approval

Evoqua Water Technologies 

The first of the three latest BWMS to apply for USCG type-approval is Evoqua Water Technologies of the United Kingdom. 

Evoqua re-introduced the latest version of its electrochlorination SeaCURE system at Nor-Shipping 2017 and at the time it was described as having one of the smallest footprints for its flow rate.

Chinese company COSCO Shipbuilding Industry 

In June 2019, Chinese company COSCO Shipbuilding Industry also applied for USCG type-approval for the Blue Ocean Shield, described as a mechanical filter, medium pressure UV disinfection system.

South Korean Hanla IMS

The third BWMS provider to apply for USCG type-approval in June 2019 was South Korean Hanla IMS, a company that also makes gauging systems for tankers. The Hanla IMS EcoGuardian BWMS is described as a side-stream filtration, electrolysis/electrochlorination system.

USCG type-approved systems 

Nine BWMS are waiting for USCG type-approval and two already type-approved systems are seeking amendments. 

If all nine achieve type-approval it will bring the number of available USCG type-approved systems to 29, excluding the two previously approved BWMS seeking amendments.

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Source: Riviera Maritime Media