Vessel Catches Fire, Poses Ammonia Explosion Risk


Korean trawler caught fire leaving ammonia cylinders under threat of explosion, reports Maritime Bulletin.

What happened?

According to the reports, fire erupted in the fish processing compartment of trawler SUR ESTE 709, docked at Montevideo, Uruguay, around noon LT Jun 23. 

Crew evacuated

Trawler crew and crews from nearby vessels were evacuated. It was reported that the firefighting teams responded immediately. 

What is the threat?

According to reports the fire seems notoriously hard to extinguish and easy to re-kindle as package materials were probably on fire.

As there is a threat of possible ammonia cylinders or tank explosions, all works on and near the pier were suspended and people were evacuated.

About the vessel

Fishing vessel SUR ESTE 709, IMO 8414465, GT 812, built 1984, flag South Korea.

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Source: Maritime Bulletin


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