[Watch] Erotic Fetish Party Aboard a Torture Ship on German Lake


Germany’s Lake Constance is hosting an exciting boat party. As per media reports, The ‘Torture Ship’, the world’s largest BDSM [Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism] and fetish party is taking place on a moving barge. Several S&M enthusiasts have gathered in Lake Constance for the occasion.

Setting Sail

It sets sail from the Friedrichshafen harbor as large crowds gathered to take in the spectacle of passengers decked out in full bondage, gimp masks, horse heads, and fishnet vests, with plenty of exposed skin.

The Football World Cup Effect

Running for more than two decades, the Torture Ship is a firm favorite with S&M lovers from around the world. This year, organizers expected a slightly smaller turnout of about 500 passengers, due to the inconvenient clash with the Germany-Sweden World Cup match.

The Dance Party

In 2015, the party was forced to get rid of its darkroom and bedrooms to comply with tightening government regulations, and the event is now officially dubbed a dance party.

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Source: RT


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