[Watch] The Green Route: The Key to the Reduction of CO2 Emissions


Since its opening in 1914, the Panama Canal has been a Green Route, helping in the reduction of time and distances for the maritime world.

More than a million ships have benefited from the Panama Canal route, by reducing costs and changing world trade patterns.  By using this route, these ships have not only reduce navigation time, but also the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere.

With the Panama Canal Expansion, the strategic global trade advantages as well as the benefits for the environment will multiply.

The Panama Canal not only generates savings in time and cost to its users, it is the best option to preserve the environment, preventing further CO2 emissions which are causing global warming.

For over 100 years, the Panama Canal Green Route has provided a reduction of approximately 650 million tons of CO2.

With the expanded Canal, it is estimated that the Panama Canal Green Route will reduce more than 160 million tons of CO2 in the first 10 years of operation.

The Panama Canal has launched the “Green Connection” Environmental Recognition Program to ships and customers with high environmental performance, who use the waterway.

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Source: Panama Canal on YouTube