[Watch] ICS Supports Seafarers Across the Globe During COVID-19 Crisis


ICS offers its full support to the shipping community during this COVID-19 crisis, which caused the shipping industry many barriers and challenges to overcome, says an article published on its website.

#HeroesAtSeaShoutOut campaign

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) published a video highlighting how important seafarers are to keeping supply chains open during the COVID-19 pandemic, reminding of the #HeroesAtSeaShoutOut campaign.

Guidance and recommendations

ICS is working hard to support members and the wider shipping community to provide guidance, recommendations and information for shipowners, seafarers and governments.

To help protect the health of seafarers and passengers as well as the general public, the International Chamber of Shipping ensures that best practice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) is available.

They are not alone

Recently, to express their recognition towards seafarers, the shipping industry, including the UK Chamber of Shipping, encouraged as many ships as possible across the globe to sound their horns, if safe to do so, to celebrate the International Workers’ Day, Workers’ Day, Labour Day or May Day, May 1st.

For more information read our article [Watch] May Day Tribute for Seafaring Heroes As Ships Blow Horn!

These initiatives remind seafarers they are not alone, in line with a recent message from the IMO Secretary General to seafarers.

Guidance available for free download

A growing number of guidance documents plus posters including translations into French, Arabic and Spanish are available for free download. Best practices for completing the pre-transfer conference, as well interactive versions of the ship/shore safety checklist are available for free.

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Source: ICS


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