[Watch] Shopping Centre Made Of Shipping Containers To Open In Bartlesville

Credit: frank mckenna/Unsplash

New shopping centre

A new shopping centre is coming to Bartlesville this year and it’s going to be made out of shipping containers.

The developer behind it, Danielle Weaver, said she hopes it will bring unique shopping to Bartlesville and more investment to the west side of town.

“Unique properties and unique experiences draw people in and I feel like people are looking for that in Bartlesville and the surrounding towns,” she said.

The shopping centre is being built on the west side of Bartlesville, near Cass Ave.

The shipping containers were put in place in November and took just two hours to install.

The centre will be called The Westside Market.

A bit risky 

“We definitely need more development here, and it’s a bit of a risk because that hasn’t quite started yet.”

The shopping centre will hold six 40-foot units.

A gift shop and a pet store that Weaver also runs are going in there.

People FOX23 spoke to said the west side of Bartlesville needs a shopping centre.

“Anything on this side of town’s appreciated, because it’s not much over here, they even took out our Sonic,” said David Cross.

Weaver said she hopes to open in the next month and would love to see a local food shop and maybe a farmers market in the space too.

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Source: Fox23