[Watch] A Small Plane Crash In Los Angeles, Yesterday


A pilot had a miraculous escape after his plane crashed and landed into a street on top of a line of parked cars.

The light aircraft smashed the roofs and windshields of two vehicles after plummeting to the ground in the San Fernando Valley while on approach to Whiteman Airport in Los Angeles.

After crashing, the right wing broke off, clipping the roofs of several other cars in the process.

But despite the crash landing the pilot was uninjured and able to walk away from the wreckage and luckily nobody was injured on the ground either.

After emerging from the plane, the pilot is believed to have said that he was on his landing approach when a gust of wind blew him off course, despite having power and fuel at the time.

Shortly afterwards, firefighters and crash investigators could be seen probing the scene.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokeswoman Margaret Stewart told the Los Angeles Daily News: ‘One wing was torn off completely and the other was badly damaged. He was evaluated and he declined transport to a hospital.’

‘There was significant damage to several parked vehicles.’

‘The pilot was very, very fortunate.This is about as best-case scenario as this type of situation could be.’

The crash will be investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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Source: HotViralVids on YouTube

Video Publish Date: Feb 23, 2016