[Watch] The Real Story of The Butter Boat


Locals in the vicinity of Ireland’s Streedagh Beach frequented the shipwreck’s wreckage for many years.

Butter boat

Nobody knew where it came from or what name it was sailing under when it got stuck in the sand, so it finally got the nickname “Butter Boat.” Researchers made the decision to solve the riddle in 2020. What they put together was an incredibly intricate and terrible story.

Storm encounter

They ascertained the ship’s true name was the Greyhound after testing it and investigating old documents. It was a commerce vessel that frequently travelled around the Irish and British coasts. The ship departed from Yorkshire’s Whitby Port in 1770 and encountered a storm in Broadhaven Bay.

A cabin boy was still imprisoned on the ship, which was anchored close to some cliffs, even after the crew had successfully left it. This was discovered after doing a head count. The storm drove the Greyhound and many of the rescuers out to sea after the crew and neighbourhood volunteers boarded it, resulting in the deaths of 20 people.

Watch here: https://www.rte.ie/news/regional/2020/1216/1184914-butter-boat-streedagh/

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