[Watch] Viswa Group Gets Bunker Sample Delivered by Drone!


The Viswa Group recently picked up bunker fuel samples from a Vessel at Singapore Anchorage by the licensed drone operators to shore for lab analysis, says a Viswa Lab post in Linkedin.

Drone technology inevitable 

Drones are quickly becoming predominant in the maritime industry. As the development of drone technology gathers momentum, Viswa Group is involving in more maritime applications than ever before. 

Bunker fuel from Vessel to Shore

The Viswa Group recently conducted a trial of picking up bunker fuel samples from a Vessel to Shore for lab analysis. 

  • The trial was carried out at Singapore Anchorage by the licensed drone operators. 
  • Trips took less than 15 minutes on average.
  • A greener and faster way of transferring samples to Viswa Lab in busy ports and heavy road traffic which would attribute to faster sample testing turnaround time. 

Trial run results evaluated

Viswa Lab is evaluating the trial results to venture how the service can be further optimized by consolidating collection of numerous samples at one go. This would ultimately have lower carbon footprint per sample collection.

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Source: ViswaLab


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