[Watch] What It Means To Be Stuck Between Covid-19 Pandemic & Oil Row


Small businesses struggle stuck between Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-OPEC oil feud, says Craig Horn for an article published in CNBC.com.

What happened?

He said first the small businesses were hit by an oil feud between Russia and OPEC, then by a global pandemic that crushes demand for fuel. The U.S. shale oil industry and the small businesses that provide services to it are hurting. 

Company’s struggle and layoffs

Demand dried up overnight for Colorado-based Elevate Energy Services. The company provides infrastructure and water for the hydraulic fracturing process in CO, WY, ND & NM. Watch the co-founder Craig Horn candidly sharing the story of his company’s struggle and crippling layoffs.

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Source: CNBC.com


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