What To Look Forward To At The Next IMO GHG Meetings?

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A recent news article published in the IAPH talks about what to expect from the forthcoming IMO GHG meetings?

13th meeting of the IMO Intersessional Working Group on GHG Emissions

The next two weeks are set to be busy as IAPH attends the 13th meeting of the IMO Intersessional Working Group on GHG Emissions (ISWG-GHG 13) and the 79th meeting of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 79) at the IMO headquarters in London.

These meetings will be crucial in determining the trajectory for the decarbonisation of the global maritime sector and we will be following the discussions intently to provide members with an update on the key outcomes.

Revised IMO GHG strategy

ISWG-GHG 13 will see member states and international organisations debating the level of ambition for the revised IMO GHG strategy, along with discussions on the implementation of a combined technical and market-based measure (MBM) as part of the basket of mid-term measures.

Whilst there appears to be convergence amongst delegations towards a carbon levy-based system for generating revenues, we may not see a breakthrough on this item until MEPC 80, once the level of ambition is decided, which will in turn set the tone for decision-making on the mid-and long-term measures.

Absolute zero emissions by 2050

At MEPC 79, the Committee is expected to come to a decision on the global GHG target as part of the revised strategy.

Whilst many are supportive of absolute zero emissions by 2050, other delegations still view this as premature, therefore it remains to be seen what conclusion will be drawn from the discussions.

IAPH also has two submissions on the table expressing support for an MBM to support an equitable and just transition, as well as a proposal on amendments to two MEPC resolutions, including the Ports Resolution (MEPC.323(74)), in order to include the development of green shipping corridors under the voluntary measures.


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