While Everyone ‘Poo-Pooed’ SpaceX For Bidding, Guess Who Is Still On The Ground?


  • NASA’s Bill Nelson told Newsweek that critics “poo-pooed” SpaceX when it was bidding for the agency’s crew programs.
  • Yet, he said that SpaceX has accomplished a lot compared with Boeing.
  • NASA has awarded SpaceX 14 missions and Boeing six missions.

According to Business Insider, NASA administrator Bill Nelson stated that while SpaceX was competing against Boeing, sceptics disregarded the firm but that it has accomplished more.

On schedule

A total of 14 missions have been given to SpaceX by the US space agency. The most recent agreement was the $1.4 billion contract for five additional astronaut missions to the International Space Station.

NASA, on the other hand, has given Boeing six missions. NASA’s Commercial Crew programme calls for the company to launch its Starliner spacecraft, which is intended to transport astronauts to the International Space Station.

Nelson told Newsweek that at the time of the beginning of the space cargo and crew [projects], “SpaceX and Boeing were the two serious bidders, and everybody poo-pooed SpaceX and said, ‘Oh, Boeing is a heritage corporation,’Nelson said. “Well, guess who is still on the ground after its first test flight with astronauts and will do its sixth mission?”

According to Nelson, SpaceX is “on schedule” to launch its enormous Starship spacecraft and transport people to the moon. According to SpaceX, Starship successfully finished a static fire test on Thursday by starting six of its engines.

Substantial congestion 

“I think the private space industry is extremely beneficial,” Nelson told Newsweek. “Just look at what SpaceX has already accomplished.”

Nelson’s remarks come after the second launch attempt of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) was postponed in early September due to a liquid hydrogen leak. The agency’s Artemis project, which will eventually take people back to the moon, includes the launch.

NASA spent 12 years building the SLS. In contrast, SpaceX began launching Starship prototypes in December 2020 and plans to launch its first satellite into orbit this year.

Although NASA has contracted SpaceX for 14 missions, the agency has previously said that the company’s plan to send another 30,000 Starlink satellites into orbit could create “substantial congestion.”


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Source: Business Insider



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