Why are Rest Hours Fudged On Board?


Perhaps we all know the answer to this, and yet are too afraid to discuss in the public. Instead, let’s catch the bull by its horns and face the truth; possibly the outcome may turn out in favor of the seafaring community.

Below are the main reasons for rest hours fudging on ships:

1. Short manning or ship owners restricting crew to numbers as per minimum manning certificate. This naturally puts additional workload on crew and additional hours are worked to meet the deadlines.

2. Ship owner / Manager intending to retain the commercial viability of ships to keep them in business in a competitive market. Any rest hour violation can lead to ship arrests, forced rest to crew by port authorities and gives bad name to the shipping company.

3. Rest hours supported by ship owner / manager but wrong feedback from master who is possibly aiming for some award / reward for exemplary commercial operations of his vessel.

4. Threat to crew/apprentices from Master / Officers to settle personal scores (In rarest of rare cases).

5. On board family responsibilities leading to improper rest hours. Not covered by any of the above four points.

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