Why Experts Advise A Gap For Elective Surgery After Omicron?


NHS hospitals are being advised to delay elective surgical procedures by a minimum of seven weeks if a patient has just had Omicron, Despite a backlog of routine operations, although in some circumstances the surgery may be considered urgent enough to proceed, says an article published in Chadwicklawrence.

Poor postoperative recovery

UK experts have said the proposed move is a precaution due to the first couple of months following infection is a riskier period, linked to poorer post-operative recovery.

The experts who made the recommendations say the desire to tackle backlogs and waiting lists must be balanced with delivering the safest possible care.

There are currently six million people on NHS waiting lists in England, one in nine of the population.  Around one in twenty of these has been waiting for more than 12 months, and four routine care such as knee and hip surgery.

New data for clarification of the situation

Dr. Mike Nathanson, president of the Association of Anaesthetists, said “The frustration felt by patients is immense and we – the healthcare professionals – want to do our jobs and provide these services when it is safe to do so and with the risks clear to all involved.

“We look forward to new data being available soon which may further clarify the situation now that the Omicron variant is dominant, and most patients are vaccinated.”

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Source: Chadwicklawrence


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