Will ERNIE Overpower ChatGPT?

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Everyone seems eager to get on the chat AI bandwagon these days, it seems. At least, that’s how it seems when you look at the numerous businesses listing some sort of chatbot as one of their goods. Baidu is the newest participant, having revealed plans to introduce a ChatGPT-like service. The launch of this service, known in English as “ERNIE Bot” or “Wenxin Yiyan,” is scheduled for March, as reported by GHacks.

Chatbot expectations 

Enhanced Representation via Knowledge Integration is referred to as ERNIE, and it is built on an internal language model. Then, the Chinese juggernaut is competing with Google to be the first to unveil its chatbot. The stock price of Baidu (BIDU) increased by 16% as a result of this announcement. It just serves to confirm the expectations that chatbots in general and investors in particular raise. But Baidu is simply the most recent in a long line of major players who have just become AI-aware.

One of the key sponsors of ChatGPT is Microsoft, which made an initial $1 billion investment in OpenAI. Microsoft appears to be primarily interested in integrating ChatGPT into Microsoft Edge, their search engine. It’s no accident that the majority of these behemoths prioritise search engine integration for these chatbots.

Since their main competitors are western search engines and businesses, Baidu’s entry into the fray also demonstrates that it was a wise strategic choice in China.

Comparable features 

In terms of ERNIE, it appears to provide features comparable to ChatGPT. Poems and essays have reportedly been written using it, according to a Baidu official. It can also create images from text, something ChatGPT cannot do at the moment. The company believes the third version of ERNIE should be made available to a larger audience. However, Baidu has yet to make any comments regarding the precise implementation of ERNIE on their search engine. It might even divide into its own entity.

It remains to be seen if the stock surge is purely speculative. Nobody can dispute that these AI tools will most likely be the starting point for a wide range of new services, nevertheless. These are grabbing everyone’s attention since they may very likely completely alter how the Internet functions.

AI chatbots will still be crucial instruments for additional study and improvement even if they fail to shift paradigms. In this regard, they can never fall short. This is why it is currently quite appealing to consider investing in these businesses. These tools’ underlying technology will also be used in other goods and services.

A backlash

A backlash, however, is one of the biggest dangers these services face. There are many debates going on right now about where AI stands in terms of art and whether or not these technologies should be able to take the place of people. AI chatbots also have issues with bias and accuracy. Despite the fact that they can be beneficial, they shouldn’t be completely trusted with the data they offer. What’s the point if you can’t trust the outcomes you’re after?

In light of this, now may be a good moment to invest in AI chatbots as they are predicted to last for a very long time.


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Source: GHacks


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