Woodside Joins The US’s Energy Transition Drive


  • Woodside chose Nel as its Supplier for alkaline electrolyzer equipment for its hydrogen project.
  • Woodside also stated in a statement on monday that it will produce 90 tonnes per day.
  • This signing is a step forward for Woodside in establishing new energy businesses across the United states.

Woodside, an Australian LNG company, has chosen Nel Hydrogen Electrolyzer, a unit of Nel, to supply alkaline electrolyzer equipment for its planned H2OK hydrogen project in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Electrolyzer equipment

“The alkaline electrolyzer equipment would aid phase one of the H2OK project, which is intended to produce 90 tonnes per day (tpd),” said Woodside in a statement on Monday.

According to Woodside, Nel would manufacture the electrolyzer stacks at its factory in Heroya, Norway, the world’s only fully automated electrolyzer facility.

When completed, the electrolyzer plant will have a nameplate capacity of approximately 64,000 kg of hydrogen per day.

Woodside did not disclose the contract’s value, but Nel stated in a separate statement that it is worth 600 million krone ($56.4 million).

Big announcements

The Australian LNG player announced plans for this hydrogen project in early December 2021 and has since begun front-end engineering design (FEED) with US engineer KBR.

The project complements Woodside’s planned hydrogen and ammonia production projects in Perth (H2Perth) and northern Tasmania (H2TAS), which will supply both domestic and international markets.

Global hydrogen project

According to Woodside, FEED for H2OK should be completed this year, with a final investment decision expected in 2023.

Shaun Gregory, executive VP New Energy at Woodside, stated that “the contract award was an honour and a significant step forward for H2OK, which would be Woodside’s first global hydrogen project.”

New energy business

“The signing of the alkaline electrolyzer contract is progress toward Woodside realizing its ambition to build a New Energy business in the United States. With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, the drive to accelerate the energy transition in the US is underway, and Woodside aims to be part of that,” Gregory said.

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Source: LNG Prime


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