World’s First Methanol Fuelled Ship Delivered



Mfame carried a report few days ago on the unbelievable! Ship getting ready, today the dream vessel has been delivered.

World’s first methanol fuelled ocean-going vessel, the Lindanger , was delivered to  Norway’s Westfal-Larsen on April 20th,2016.  The dual- fuelled 50,000 dwt tankers is capable of running on either methanol or traditional petroleum fuels.  She joins the ro/pax Stena Germanica, which operates on the Baltic Sea, in the small but growing class of methanol-fuelled ships.

“We are very pleased to see the completion and launch of this exciting and innovative newbuilding,” says Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, CEO at DNV GL – Maritime.  “This is the first time a dual-fuel engine with a Low Flashpoint Liquid (LFL) fuel system has been installed on an ocean-going vessel and it is a testament to the excellent cooperation between all the project partners that we have been able to complete this unique project and gain flag state approval.  Methanol as a marine fuel is a very promising option to enable owners to reduce the environmental impact of their vessels and to comply with low sulphur and ECA regulations and we look forward to working on many more projects using this innovative marine fuel and technology.”

The Lindanger:

  • Is a 50,000 dwt tanker for chemicals & oil products with LFL fuelled engine.
  • Has MAN designed Hyundai–B&W 6G50ME-9.3 ME-LGI dual-fuel, two-stroke engine on board.
  • Has been assigned the additional notation LFL FUELLED to demonstrate her compliance with the DNV GL rules for low flash point marine fuels.
  • Is the first in a series of seven vessels which will be chartered by Waterfront Shipping over the course of 2016.
  • Is a 186m Long vessel with a deadweight of 49,999 dwt and can travel at a speed of 15.8 knots.

“We are proud to take delivery of Lindanger this week – one of the first Korean built methanol-fueled ocean tankers that’s innovative, clean burning and fuel efficient,” states Rolf Westfal-Larsen, President and CEO, Westfal-Larsen Management.

“It is exciting to be working with our partners to advance this new, clean technology.  Investing in methanol-based marine fuel is an important step in the right direction and reinforces our commitment to sustainable proven technology that provides environmental benefits and meets emissions regulations,” adds Jone Hognestad, President, Waterfront Shipping.

“We are so privileged to become the first shipyard in the world to deliver a methanol fuelled vessel.  It will reduce SOx emissions by about 95% and NOx emissions by about 30% compared to conventional marine diesel oil.  Methanol could become one of the popular alternative marine fuels in the future as an environment friendly solution with lower fuel costs, easier handling with the existing storage and bunkering infrastructure and lower installation and retrofit costs,” said Man Choon Kim, Vice President, Contract Management Department, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co., Ltd.

Why Methanol for ship fuel?

  • Safe, cost-effective, clean-burning fuel of today and the future.
  • Is sulphur free (SOx) and with lower particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions.
  • ECA compliant for current and future regulations covering SOx emissions.
  • It is a liquid, hence can be handled by conventional bunkering and storage solutions without extensive modifications.
  • Is available around the world through existing global infrastructure.

Source: DNV GL


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