Zika Outbreak: IMO Finds No Justification For Restrictions on Travel or Trade


The International Maritime Organisation has released a circular informing that there would be no trade and travel restrictions due to outbreak of Zika virus.


The Zika Virus was first detected in America in 2015.  The World Health Organization says that between January 2014 and 5 February 2016, a total of 33 countries have reported autochthonous circulation of Zika virus.  The geographical distribution of Zika virus has been steadily increasing.  Further spread to countries within the geographical range of competent disease vectors – Aedes mosquitoes is considered.

The maritime industry will take measures to increase awareness about the virus among the crew members and passengers.

US-based GAC has urged all vessel and facility representatives to report any signs of hazardous conditions and illnesses within the last 15 days to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).


As there is a link between Birth defects and Zika Virus, pregnant ladies are advised to either change itineraries or cancel their trips.

Some cruises like carnival have given a chance to their employees to avoid working in Zika affected areas.

The World health Organization has been advising travellers to take preventive measures to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

Zika virus can spread across Africa, the America, Asia, and the Pacific region.

Source: IMO


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