A General Cargo Ship Lost In Storm



Incident : Disappearance of a vessel
Date : 19th December 2015
Vessel type : General Cargo Ship
People Onboard : 24

The general cargo ship is missing in the Indian Ocean since December 19th.  The last call was made at Sunda Strait after which the vessel did not establish its communication with the authorities.

The reports state that the bad weather in the vicinity might have caused the vessel to sink or capsize.  But, the local authorities did not receive any distress signal from the crew on board the ship.  The 24 people, onboard the vessel, did not contact their families since 19th December.

The vessel was en route from Padang on eastern coast of Sumatra to Palembang on western coast of Sumatra but did not report at both the ports

A warning has been sent to the Mariners in the vicinity regarding the missing vessel.  The Search and Rescue Operations will begin once the weather conditions improve.

The storm in Sunda Strait caused several shipping accidents, as waves were over 3-meter high and storm caused anchor dragging, collision and groundings.



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