Best Happenings Of 2015


Few things that happened in 2015 were unforgettable and delighting. Here are the top 10 best happenings of 2015.

Rescue Of 11 Researchers

Reported on 18th March

  • Vessel carrying 11 researchers and 8 crew members sank in Tanjung Tondang waters near Bintan, Riau on Saturday night.
  • Water from large waves filled the engine room. Due to a faulty bilge pump, the crew was unable to pump the water out causing the ship to sink.
  • In the middle of the Ocean passengers were adrift for more than 5 hours.
  • It was picked up by the four Indonesian Warships on Sunday.


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World’s First Ship Builder To Deliver 2000 Ships

Reported on 26th May

  • HHI – Hyundai Heavy Industries – delivers its 2000th Ship.
  • The world’s first shipbuilder to deliver its 2,000th ship,
  • The 2,000th ship is a DRILL SHIP named “Ocean BlackLion”.


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The New Carbon Air Supported Vessel Technology

Reported on 28th May

The project is a combination of effort from Tuco Marine, Effect Ships International (ESI) and Diab.  The team is combining ESI’s air supported vessel (ASV) technology with a light-weight carbon sandwich construction.

Diab is responsible for the carbon sandwich engineering and Devinycell core materials, while Volvo Penta will be supplying engines and high efficiency IPS propulsion systems for the first of a range of vessels.


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Singapore Welcomes The Milestone Project

Reported on 30th May

Contract for the Tuas Terminal Phase 1 Reclamation, Wharf Construction, and Dredging project has been signed by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Dredging International Asia Pacific-Daelim Joint Venture (DDJV).

The contract signed for USD 1.83 billion and completion of the project is expected within six years.


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The Rise Of LNG “BDN”

Reported on 10th June

IMO is all set to publish – IGF Code – which expands as “The International Code of Safety for Ships using Gases or other Low-flashpoint Fuels”.

Until this moment, every ship using Heavy fuel oil as fuel has witnessed a conventional BDN (Bunker Delivery Note).  New generation ships which are expected to use LNG as fuel is all set to witness LNG BDN. The LNG BDN is set to include detailed information about the properties and composition of LNG. Unlike the conventional fuel oil BDN, sulphur % in LNG is not a major concern.


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The Falkirk Wheel – The World’s First And Only Rotating Boat Lift

Reported on 13th July

The Falkirk Wheel, is a real wonder to watch in terms of how it works to connect both the Forth and Clyde Canals with the  Union Canal.  It is constructed based on Archimedes principle of displacement.  That is, the mass of the boat sailing into the gondola will displace an exactly proportional volume of water so that the final combination of ‘boat plus water’ balances the original total mass.

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New Waterway At Suez Canal

Reported on 7th August

Suez Canal, opened in 1869, has undergone an expansion where 35m parallel channel along with the 37 km widening and deepening have been added to the existing waterways.  The renovated channel commenced its operation on Thursday, 6th August.


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First Baby Ever Born On A German Naval Vessel

Reported on 31st August

In the ceaseless endeavour to find a new land to live the life of their dreams, thousands of illegal migrants attempt crossing harsh seas every year. It was on one such attempt by a pregnant Somali migrant Rahma, 33, that a baby girl was born at sea. Rahma was rescued at sea and taken onboard a German rescue boat named ‘Schleswig Holstein’. While on the German naval boat, she delivered a 7 pound baby girl named Sophia.


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Atlantic Star, World’s Largest Combination Container

Reported on 18th November

Atlantic Container Line (ACL) runs a weekly service linking North America’s eastern seaboard with northern Europe.  The transatlantic operation caters for containers, project and oversized cargo, heavy equipment, all types of vehicles, block-stowed general cargo and hazardous goods.


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Largest Engine Installation The World Has Ever Seen!

Reported on 22nd December

MAN Diesel & Turbo has signed a contract on 30 October, 2015 with Sembcorp Marine in Singapore to supply the dual-fuel propulsion system – including exhaust-gas after-treatment – for a New Semi-submersible Crane Vessel (NSCV) for Heerema Offshore Services.

It is the first vessel of this size to feature dual- fuel technology and, upon completion, will be the largest vessel of its kind globally.  Engine delivery is scheduled for Q1, 2017 with vessel delivery due in Q4, 2018.


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