Two Resilient Crew Members Rescued After 3 Days


Two including a captain rescued in Indonesia after three days.


Two crew members of an Indonesian ferry that sank in rough seas were rescued after 3 days.  One of the two men rescued is said to be the captain of the capsized ferry.  His physical condition is reported to be worse.  Authorities have set up tight security around him and are waiting for him to get better to carry on further investigations about the ferry.

A ferry carrying 118 on board witnessed unidentified trouble and capsized on Saturday in the Gulf of Bone off Sulawesi island.  Reports say that 74 other passengers still missing.  Helicopters, fishing vessels and rubber dinghies are involved in rescue operations.  As of today three people have been declared dead. So for 40 survivors have been rescued.

“We will continue searching until the seventh day. Considering that they have been out there for three times 24 hours, I am a little bit pessimistic, but we have found two more people alive today, so I am praying for these 74 people” says, Alamsyah, chief of the Disaster Mitigation Agency in the island’s Wajo regency.

A woman who survived said that she travelled in the ferry with her family members who were tossed off the ship into the sea and were separated by towering waves.  The women and her grandson survived the accident but other family members are still missing.  “The wave was very big, like a mountain approaching, as big as a house,” said the women.

Source: Reuters