Russia To Kick-Start Expedition To Antarctica



The Russian Navy oceanographic research ship Admiral Vladimirsky headed for the Antarctic from Kronstadt on November 6.  The expedition, the first of its kind in 30 years, the Admiral Vladimirsky will cover over 30,000 nautical miles before returning to Kronstadt in April 2016.  Russia worked in its authorised sector, the Sea of Cosmonauts, the Sea of Lazarev and Commonwealth Sea, up until the 1980s.

Commander-in-Chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov said that they were to not only to demonstrate the Russian flag in Antarctica but also to conduct hydrographical and meteorological research to improve international navigation maps.  A radio navigation study will also study how radio waves cross Antarctica.

The vessel will sail along the Northern Sea Route and cross the Baltic, North and Barents seas, the Bering Sea, the northern part of the Pacific Ocean, then pass through Panama Canal to cross the Atlantic Ocean and passing the English Channel, the southern part of the North Sea, the Danish straits and finally will finish the circumnavigation in the Baltic Sea and return to her home port Kronstadt.

Source: PortNews IAA