First Public Display of EnergySail


The Eco Marine Power (EMP) has announced its plan to exhibit a working prototype of its EnergySail technology and its automated control system at Sea Japan in Tokyo.

The company has planned to launch the working prototype along with several associated technologies including an energy storage solution and flexible marine grade photovoltaic panels.

Harness natural energy

The patented prototype allows vessels to harness the power of wind and sun in order to reduce fuel costs plus lower noxious gas and carbon emissions. The EnergySail, unlike any other sail can be used even when a ship at anchored or is at port.

Compatibility discussions

The company has also begun joint studies with several ship owners regarding how this technology can be used on a variety of ships including bulk ore carriers, cargo vessels and cruise ships.

In addition the Furukawa Battery Company will display its MgBOX ® – a small portable fuel cell that can be used to recharge or power small devices via two USB ports.

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Source: MarineLink