Italian Coastguard Rescued 1500 Migrants



On Monday, it is reported that more than Italian coast guard rescued 1,500 migrants from at least seven vessels in the Mediterranean Sea.  Four migrant boats and three inflatable rafts were all in distress, floating on sea waters about 40 miles off the Libyan coast.

Rescue Operation:

  • The Fiorillo ship rescued 345 migrants
  • The Phoenix took on board, 230 people from the rubber dinghies. 
  • The Irish ship Le Niamh took on 125 migrants
  • Italian Navy used its Fenice vessel to rescue 78 migrants
  • One more ship made its ways with more than 800 people crammed into it
  • 453 migrants, including 13 children, were brought to the shore Monday in the Sicilian of Pozzallo by the Coast Guard ship Diciotti.

Some of the migrants, including four pregnant women and three men with injuries, were taken to the hospital.  Whereas, police detained two suspected human smugglers from the group.

Source: ANSA