Langh Tech Launches UV-C BWMS System


  • The BWMS has been retrofitted, without drydocking 907-TEU feedermax container ship Linda.
  • The installation process appeared to be extremely compact
  • The LanghBW600 has completed land-based testing 

A Finnish shipowner, operator and marine engineering group has launched an inhouse-designed filtration and UV- based ballast water treatment system reports an article published in Riviera Maritime Media.

About LanghBW600 BWTS

The newly launched Langh Tech LanghBW600 ballast water treatment system (BWTS) has been retrofitted, without drydocking, on 2007-built, 907-TEU feedermax container ship Linda.

“The system has been running for a month on Linda with very good experiences,” said Ms Langh-Lagerlöf.

Features of the new BWMS

The installation on Linda appeared to be extremely compact, which will appeal to those operators of similar size vessels.

Features include :

  • an independent cooling system so that it can be placed in standby mode if cargo operations are halted
  • the slide out reactor array, allowing easy access for cleaning without interfering with the wiring.
  • Each reactor array can process 300 m3 per hour. For high flow rates, more reactors can be added in parallel.
  • A boost pump that can be fitted to ensure pressure 
  • Does not require any hold time when operating in IMO areas

Mr Tervonen noted that the 20 micron Hydac AUTOFILT RF14 filter is working well and to specification. “We have not been able to clog the filter a single time,” said Mr Tervonen.

USCG type-approval

The LanghBW600 has completed land-based testing and is currently being Independent Lab (NIVA) tested and undergoing classification by DNV with a view to receiving IMO and USCG type-approval in early 2022.

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Source: Riviera Maritime



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