Oil Slick Spotted By Navy Aircraft – A 40 km Trail Left Behind By A Liberian Flagged Greek Ship!


In the French exclusive economic zone, a surveillance aircraft spotted an oil slick left behind by a 225 meter long bulk carrier.  The Liberian-flagged vessel  was en route from St. Petersburg to China.

The crew of the Falcon 50, the surveillance aircraft, observed and filmed a maritime pollution along the water.  The commander of the Falcon 50 penned down his findings and forwarded it to the  prosecutor of the court at Brest.  On hearing the case, the court ordered the vessel to come to the commercial port of Brest.

When the ship reached the port, the crew was summoned by the Investigating authorities for further questionings. The vessel was asked to pay a compensation of EUR 0.5m ($542,000) towards the damage done and continue on its journey. Local reports say that the public prosecutor at Brest has investigated the ship crew and has sent summons to the master and owner of the ship. That means, both have to appear in front of the court in November.

To fight against marine pollution, especially illegal discharges of hydrocarbons, the support of different government departments such as the navy, customs, maritime affairs are essential. They are equipped with specialized technologies and even aircrafts to spot pollutants at sea.

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Source: Actunautique


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