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Ever wondered how the oil markets work? Get the fundamentals and economics behind oil supply and refinery optimization while connecting it to the market mechanisms that drive the prices.

Platts University provides individual and company-specific training on a wide range of topics related to energy markets. This training is designed for beginner- to intermediate-level analysts, marketers, traders, and planners, as well as senior managers and executives who wish to receive a refresher course on energy market concepts, practices, and trends.

Topics include

  • Oil Supply & Demand Basics
    • Fundamental trends and cycles
    • Short- and long-term forecasting
    • Types of oil supplies, crude quality
    • Role of price and economic growth
  • Refining Basics
    • Capacity utilization and growth
    • Configuration
    • Product quality specifications
  • Incorporating Political Risk
  • OPEC and other key entities you should know
  • Crude Balances & Short Term Flat Price Determination
  • Product Pricing, Spreads, Margins and Differentials
  • Trade Flows & Arbitrage
  • Introduction to Petrochemicals and NGLs
  • Long-Term Pricing & Scenarios
  • Pricing Methodology
  • Live Market on Close Demonstration
  • Networking with attendees
  • Q&A with the instructors

Unique and timely intelligence programs

While most training programs lecture on technical aspects, S&P Global Platts University offers unique, timely intelligence. Instead of just learning about crude production and refining, we will arm you with actionable insights into the industry’s commercial aspects and their bearing on market movements.

Our instructors are full-time energy analysts and pricing experts who have spent most of their careers in the market as economists, engineers, or analysts. Their collective energy market experience, knowledge, and expertise form the foundation of S&P Global Platts University. They will share the real-world market perspective you need to analyze data and interpret current events with a greater understanding of their impact on prices.

If you want a keen understanding of the landscape, fundamental drivers, market mechanisms, price dynamics, and function of global energy markets, S&P Global Platts University is a sound investment.

In-depth market understanding

Understanding Global Oil Markets provides an intensive, in-depth look at market fundamentals and pricing. It starts by focusing on the Platts Analytics’ perspective on supply/demand fundamentals and refining trends. The program then demonstrates how we incorporate that information to develop forecasts of near- and long-term crude and product prices and margins. In addition to covering fundamental drivers of price, the course also includes an extensive discussion of the role of speculators, the impact of geopolitical issues and other risk factors, and the development of long-term price scenarios.

Who Should Enroll?

S&P Global Platts University is valuable to a range of industry participants, from market newcomers to industry veterans. Those who are relatively inexperienced will gain a more comprehensive understanding of what to expect in the oil market and why. Those with more experience will gain further insight into the impact of new and emerging factors on oil markets. The training is offered in NYC, London, and Singapore.

Professional to benefit from Platts University

  • Analysts who require an edge on their competition in finding, understanding, and interpreting key market data
  • Oil Traders who need to anticipate where prices are heading before the markets react
  • Planners who have to stay on top of the changes that will drive the profitability of their company’s operations, strategies, and investments
  • Risk Managers who need to understand what really drives the ups and downs of energy markets and what options are available to manage the inherent uncertainty
  • Refiners who want to understand the key elements driving their profitability
  • Producers who need to know the forces impacting near-term and longer-term prices, as well as the industry volumes in the regions in which they operate
  • Banks and other financial institutions that provide project financing and need to assess risks and uncertainties in the long-range pricing outlook
  • Hedge Fund & Pension Fund Managers whose success may be directly tied to getting a jump on where energy prices are going and knowing which segments of the industry are the right play
  • Government officials who’ll be involved in regulations that will impact the energy markets
  • Shippers, Storage Operators, Pipeline Operators and others who need to anticipate changes in flows and pricing
  • Buyers and sellers who need to formulate better, timelier hedging strategies for minimizing future price risk
  • Energy end-users who need a better understanding of market forces controlling supply, price, and volatility

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