RAZOR Explores The Reinvention Of Sails To Decarbonize Shipping


In a bid to combat climate change and reduce the maritime shipping industry’s substantial carbon footprint of 837 million metric tons of CO2 annually, RAZOR’s Emma Keeling delves into the innovative realm of sail reinvention.

The episode explores how engineers are harnessing a technology that has been around for 5,000 years to propel the maritime sector into a greener future, says an article published on cgtn website.

BAR Technologies, Drawing Inspiration From America’s Cup Sails

One trailblazing company in this initiative is BAR Technologies, drawing inspiration from the sleek sails used in the America’s Cup. Engineers at BAR Technologies have devised a revolutionary wing-like sail that can be retrofitted onto existing cargo ships.

The concept aims to maximize wind propulsion, contributing to the reduction of reliance on traditional fuel sources. The Pyxis Ocean, the first ship fitted with these innovative sails, has already completed its maiden voyage, marking a significant step toward proving the viability of this technology on a practical scale.

Oceanbird, A Holistic Approach To Wind Propulsion

Simultaneously, the episode highlights the efforts of Oceanbird, a Swedish company taking a comprehensive approach to wind propulsion. Oceanbird not only developed its version of a wing-sail but also designed an entirely new cargo ship centered around wind propulsion.

This holistic approach signals a commitment to reimagining the fundamental design and functionality of cargo ships, integrating wind power as a primary means of propulsion.

The Urgency Of Decarbonization In Shipping

The maritime shipping industry’s contribution of 837 million metric tons of CO2 annually underscores the urgency for sustainable solutions. RAZOR’s exploration of sail reinvention showcases how ancient technology, when reimagined and integrated with modern engineering, can play a pivotal role in reshaping the industry’s environmental impact.

As the Pyxis Ocean completes its maiden voyage and companies like BAR Technologies and Oceanbird push the boundaries of innovation, the episode underscores the transformative potential of reinventing sails to decarbonize shipping, paving the way for a more sustainable future for maritime transportation.

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