The Eco-Friendly Comeback of Sail Cargo Ships

Credits: Export Org UK

Discover the inspiring story of Jorne Langelaan and his company, Ecoclipper, as they breathe new life into wind-powered cargo ships, championing sustainability and eco-friendly transport solutions. Says an article from BBC website.

  • Ecoclipper’s restoration of De Tukker, a traditional Dutch sail barge from 1912, marks the beginning of wind-powered cargo shipping’s revival.
  • Wind-powered vessels offer an eco-conscious alternative to modern container ships, addressing climate change concerns with reduced carbon emissions.
  • Aspiring to build a fleet of 25 larger wind-powered cargo ships, Ecoclipper seeks to redefine the industry and promote emission-free cargo shipping worldwide.

The Restoration

Meet Jorne Langelaan, the shipping enthusiast who restored De Tukker, a traditional Dutch sail barge from 1912, aiming to return it to its original purpose of transporting cargo. Under his company, Ecoclipper, the vessel set sail on its first commercial voyage, championing wind-powered shipping as an eco-friendly alternative.

The Environmental Responsibility

With concerns about climate change mounting, proponents of wind-powered cargo ships advocate for a return to sustainable transport solutions. Despite being slower and less capacious than modern container ships, sail cargo ships like De Tukker offer a unique approach to reducing carbon emissions and promoting ecological responsibility.

From Crowdfunding to Future Aspirations

Ecoclipper raised €600,000 through crowdfunding and private investors to acquire De Tukker. Now, the company aspires to build a fleet of 25 wind-powered cargo ships, each ten times larger than De Tukker. Equipped with the latest design technology, these vessels aim to revolutionize the industry and provide emission-free cargo shipping on a global scale.

Overcoming Challenges 

While wind-powered cargo shipping is making a comeback, it faces obstacles like weather dependence and longer travel times. However, advocates are determined to redefine the industry’s approach, encouraging clients to embrace slower deliveries and bulk orders for a more sustainable future.

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