Throwing Garbage at Sea? Beware of Spot Fines – Warns Fiji



Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd (FPCL) has put in place some strong measures in an effort to stop pollution at sea and in beach areas.  This is to fix the dirty port of Fiji due to the increase in the number of vessels and the travelling public.

Highlights :

  • Pollution monitoring boats will patrol the Suva Harbour to ensure vessel owners comply with the rules
  • The violating vessels will be detained if found guilty and spot fines will be collected from vessel owners
  • Spot fines are similar methods used to penalise international ships that are caught littering in the harbour
  • If passengers are caught dumping rubbish in sea, the vessel owners will be penalized

Mr Piyasena said, “Yes, we have already implemented this measure, the FPCL pollution monitoring boat is patrolling the harbour waters and now there is a considerable reduction in pollution incidents,”

Source: The Fiji Times


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