[Watch] Containers Collapse Onboard Containership


According to a video published by Strive Shipping Services Pvt Ltd, a 3,500 TEU container ship UNI Florida arrives in port with visible signs of container damage.

Containers topple

The aft stack of boxes has toppled over leaning over the side of the ship. No reports have been released as of yet on the circumstances of the incident or the number or location of containers lost.

On a video shot by a local observer in the port, you can hear the surprise when they see the stack of boxes toppled over on the stern of the ship. Built-in 2007 at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, it is apparently not the first instance that this vessel had a container accident in the same aft container bay. Pictures online dated 2007 show the same vessel with its boxes topped to starboard versus the current incident to the port side.

Disclaimer: This video is intended for informational purpose only. This may not be construed as a news item or advice of any sort. Please consult the experts in that field for the authenticity of the presentations.

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Source: Strive Shipping Services


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