Cloud Based Digital Platform for Fuel and Ballast Testing


  • LuminUltra’s cloud-enabled digital platform will help in managing fuel and ballast treatment procedures by allowing onboard sampling and testing.
  • One can check the microbial quality of the fuel and prepare a compliance report and share it with other shippers or shore-based personnel.
  • It can detect anomalies on spot and based on the parameters and configurations set by the users and instantly share and alert other users.
  • The Microsoft Azure Authenticated Software is compatible in all digital electronic devices such as Apple, Windows and Android systems

In a recent development, the microbiological testing specialist LuminUltra Technologies has announced that they have introduced a cloud-enabled digital platform on which to manage the microbiological quality of all shipboard fuel and water systems, including ballast water, reports Ship Insight.

About the Digital Platform

LuminUltra Cloud, available both online and off-line, allows end-users to control the data from all sampling, testing and analyses carried out onboard, and to create custom compliance reports that can be shared between ship and shore-based personnel.

LuminUltra Cloud provides customers with a secure, web-based solution for all their monitoring and sampling data. Also included is LuminUltra Academy, an online training and certification platform. Visitors to the “Academy” have access to a myriad of technical support and training modules, including training videos, webinars, user guides, sampling guidelines and templates for ballast water reporting.


How to use it?

Data from LuminUltra’s rapid microbial test kits are inputted on the spot, eliminating transfer time from paper to computer. Ship and shore staff can then access the data, in real time, via LuminUltra Cloud which instantly alerts the user to any microbiological problems. Users can also set custom supplemental data alarms to reflect their own parameters, and the platform automatically generates analytical reports based on the user’s configurations.

Compatible with all Apple, Windows and Android-based devices, the data is secured using Microsoft Azure Authentication. This further ensures data is protected and only available to approved users.

How will it help?

Pat Whalen, LuminUltra Technologies’ President & CEO, said, “LuminUltra Cloud is a real game-changer for assessing and reporting the microbiological content of fuel and water onboard ships. Users can now have the information available on which to base accurate and immediate corrective action where and when necessary. The platform also provides trending analytics across all water and fuel tests.”

Carine Magdo, Business Development Manager, Ballast Water Monitoring Solutions, LuminUltra, said, “For operators of shipboard ballast water management systems, the digital platform is particularly useful for ensuring compliance information is immediately available for port state control authority inspections. A dedicated B-QUA app is featured to provide rapid automated analysis of the microbiological status of treated ballast water over various time periods, allowing users to follow the historic results of compliance testing across all vessels in a shipowners’ fleet”.

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Source: Ship Insight


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