Improving Safety At Sea

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In its mission to reduce accidents, improve safety, save lives and protect the environment, The Swedish Club can draw on a vast amount of knowledge, experience and statistics from previous claims incidents, says an article published on Safety4sea.

Valuable knowledge

Interpreting and communicating that valuable knowledge to both members and to the wider shipping community is a vital part of its loss prevention programme.

Free of charge

The Swedish Club has been supporting shipping for 150 years. Whilst many in industry are familiar with the support P&I clubs offer members, they may not be so aware of the package of loss prevention advice and support that the Club makes available to non-members free of charge.

Improve safety and reduce risk

“As a mutual organisation we are owned and run by our members, and as such our primary aim is to share the claims data and information that we have with our members, to help them to train their seafarers to improve safety and reduce risk,” explains Joakim Enström, Senior Loss Prevention Officer at The Swedish Club.

Loss prevention expertise

“However, we believe that we have a wider responsibility to shipping in general, and as such, we have a mission to contribute to enhanced safety at sea.  This we do in a tangible way by sharing our loss prevention expertise outside of our member body, in the form of case studies, webinars and loss prevention publications.”

Loss prevention issues

“The main loss prevention issues fall in to four areas: Navigational claims, cargo claims, people claims and machinery damage. If our efforts prevent only one serious casualty, then that is money well spent. We want to help you make a difference.”

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Source: Safety4sea