The Power Of Sea Drones: Features And Price Unveiled!

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Russia says it has repelled a Ukrainian drone attack on one of its naval bases on the Black Sea. It is the latest case of the Russian authorities accusing Ukraine of launching sea drones against its vessels, stated BBC

What are Sea Drones?

  1. Futuristic marine technology
  2. Unmanned surface vessels (USVs)
  3. Environmental monitoring and research
  4. Diverse shapes and sizes
  5. Underwater exploration and surveillance

These drones can be used for

  • military purposes
  • clearing mines
  • carrying out surveillance
  • detonating near targets like enemy ships.

Working And Cost Of Sea Drones

Long-range targets are typically pre-programmed into the drones when launched.

They are then guided remotely by a human as they close in on the target, explains Sidharth Kaushal from the defense think tank Rusi.

It’s also unclear how much they cost, but one drone publicized by the Ukrainian government has a price tag of $250,000 (£197,000).

“Even if you intercept a lot of low-cost objects, all you need is one to get through and damage a much more expensive asset and the model has paid for itself,” says Mr Kaushal.

Sea Drones Deployed Against Russia

BBC Verify’s research suggests Ukraine has carried out at least 11 attacks with sea drones – targeting military ships, Russia’s naval base in Sevastopol, and Novorossiysk harbor.

Ukrainian defense sources have told CNN that sea drones were also used in an attack on the Kerch Bridge in July.

Russia says the incident took place 90 miles (140km) north of Turkey’s Bosphorus Strait – around 120 miles (193km) from the Ukrainian coast. This suggests these drones can potentially travel long distances.

Impact on War

Ukraine’s deployment of sea drones, at relatively low cost, marks a new era for naval warfare. The tactic poses an increasing risk to Russia.

The attack on Russia’s naval base in Sevastopol, back in October 2022, was the first in recorded history to use both sea and aerial drones.

At least three Russian ships were damaged in the attack, according GeoConfirmed, an organization that analyses satellite and other open source imagery.

Sea drones – Disadvantages

  1. Limitations of on-board sensors
  2. Narrow field of view challenges
  3. Tracking moving targets without accurate location data
  4. Difficulty in spotting camouflaged ships

“It’s not a revolution as yet,” says Prof Zysk. “We’re still in an experimental phase”.

Nonetheless, Ukraine’s strategy has caught international attention, and is “pushing other navies to develop these kind of systems and their operational practice,” she adds.


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Source: BBC


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