Fight Over a Can of Coffee Captain And Crew Detained


Scuffle Over a Can of Coffee Leads to Arrest of Ship’s Captain


A Ukrainian shipmaster and two Chinese crew members were arrested after they were found involved in a scuffle over a can of coffee aboard a casino ship detained in Hong Kong waters.

Captain Lyzhyn, 63, who had been aboard the vessel since August, was arrested for assault along with a 19-year-old Chinese kitchen helper and a 24-year-old stewardess, after the ship’s owner sent a fresh supply of food, including six cans of coffee, to the crew.

Normally, four cans of coffee are provided for the Ukrainian crew and one can each for the Myanmar and Chinese staff.  No explanation has been given as to why the Ukrainians need more caffeine can.

The anonymous source said the crew members “somehow” got into a tiff over a can of coffee.

Police confirmed Lyzhyn and the kitchen helper sustained injuries on the head and face, respectively.

Both were treated at Eastern Hospital.  They are being detained for police inquiries.

As the vessel failed the safety inspection six months ago, the situation of 46 crew members – of whom 20 were from Ukraine, 18 from Myanmar and eight from the mainland – has gone from bad to worse on board the New Imperial Star.  They are stuck on the detained vessel without wages or stable food supply, reports say.

“Almost every day there is a war over everything, from a plate of rice to even a cigarette,” the crew member said.

“Because they don’t have money, people are nervous when they don’t know anything about tomorrow.” he added.

Want to know if this is really a prison ship? 

Source: South China Morning Post


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