Tech Startups That Are ‘Revolutionizing’ the Maritime Sector


On account of World Seafarer Day, Geektime lists out some of the Israeli tech that is making maritime transport better for all.

Israeli start ups

Without maritime transportation, the global economy would cease to exist. Accounting for 80% of worldwide trade, the maritime transportation industry influences the economic sustainability of each and every country as it provides a safer, more viable method of international commerce.

Maritime shipping is the more preferred method, but oceanic travel is an area that is greatly congested with a plethora of serious conflicts. Thus, Israel’s startup ecosystem is using advanced intelligence to secure the knot with innovative technologies working towards solving the issues associated with maritime transportation.

Each startup is hyper-focused on a specific maritime transportation issue– creating a culmination of service towards such a widespread struggle.

Read more about the start ups here.

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Source: Geektime


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